Funding for expeditions & activities

If you are a young person seeking financial assistance to attend an expedition, either here in the UK or overseas, or to take part in an activity. There are several places you can apply for funding, both locally and elsewhere. 

Group/Unit - First of all, approach your own Group or Unit for financial assistance. Many Groups and Units can help out. 

Itchen South District - The District has funds set aside to help. You can apply for financial assistance via your Section Leader or by contacting the District Executive Committee directly by emailing the District Chair. Please include in your request details of the expedition/activity you wish to take part in, when it is, the cost of the expedition/activity, what fundraising (if any) you have done so far and a brief outline of what you will gain from attending the experience. 

Hampshire Scouts - The County offer a Youth Activity & Expedition Grant scheme. Visit the webpage for further details. 

Gilwell - HQ also offer a range of grants but also provide links on external organisations that also provide grants. Please visit the web page