Cub Scouts


Cub Scouts are young people usually aged between eight and ten and a half years old. They come along to the Cub Scout Pack wanting fun, adventure and friendship. With opportunities to go on visits, explore the outdoors, play games and try new things, there's rarely a dull moment!Cub on an obstacle course.jpg

What do Cub Scouts wear?

Cub Scouts have a new uniform which was introduced in June 2001. It consists of a dark green sweatshirt and the Group scarf. A Beaver joining Cubs, who has gained his or her Bronze Chief Scout Award, may wear that award on his or her uniform until he or she gains the Silver Chief Scout Award. He or she may also wear his or her Participation and Moving On awards.

What do Cub Scouts do?

The Cub Scouts have a new exciting and interesting programme. Cubs can now gain the Silver Chief Scout Award. Cubs join their local Scout troop before their eleventh birthday.

Want to be a Cub Scout?

You need to eight years old. You may need to go on a waiting list if your local Cub Scout Pack is full. Check this out, well before your eighth birthday.