Explorer Scouts


Explorer Scouts are young people, usually aged between 14 and 18 years old. They make up the fourth Section of the Scouting family. There are many types of Explorer Scout Units, some may be linked to your local Scout Group, others may be based around different activities. Explorer Scouts get the chance to work with others in the District, not just the Unit. By doing this, they will get the chance to do many more activities, not just the ones the Unit organises.

What do Explorer Scouts wear?

Explorers wear a beige smart shirt, navy blue activity trousers and the appropriate scarf. For Sea Explorer Scouts they wear a light blue smart shirt, smart black trousers, the appropriate scarf and sea Scout cap. For Air Explorer Scouts they wear a light blue smart shirt, smart navy blue trousers, the appropriate scarf and the air Scout beret. A Scout joining the Explorer Scout Section, who has gained his or her Gold Chief Scout Award, may wear that award on his or her uniform until he or she gains the Platinum Chief Scout Award. He or she may also wear his or her Participation and Moving On awards.


What do Explorer Scouts do?

The Explorer Scout’s programme offers a balanced range of activities covering the outdoors; skills; physical recreation; community service; environment; international; values and relationships.

Explorer Scout Expeditions

scotland 2003.jpgAn important part of the new programme are the expeditions that Explorer Scouts need to complete to gain their Chief Scout Awards. A new support section has been formed to provide Explorer Scouts, Explorer Scout Leaders and Scout Network members with practical support and advice to enable them to run their expeditions.



The Awards

To support the programme there are a range of badges and awards for the Explorer Scout: the Chief Scout'sex-cs-cspa.png Platinum and Diamond Awards; the Duke of Edinburgh's Awards; Explorer Belt; activity badges; Group awards and Moving-On award to the Scout Network. The Activity Badges cover: air activities; community; creative; emergency aid; lifesaver; mountain activities; recreation; science & technology; scouting skills; nautical skills; water activities plus the staged badges available to the Beaver, Cub and Scout sections.

Want to be an Explorer Scout?

You need to be at least 14 years old. To find your nearest Explorer Unit, look at the individual Explorer Unit pages. There are currently 3 Sea based Explorer units (Hamble, Netley and Woolston) and 2 land based unit (Apollo and Spitfire).

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about Explorer Scouts in Itchen South then please email Sue (District Explorer Scout Commissioner) at  desc@isdsc.org.uk This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it