Campsite Activities Information


With our continuing efforts to improve facilities and amenities on the campsite, we can now offer the following activities for your enjoyment while you are staying at Cricket Camp.

Groups of about 10 are ideal for each one-hour session.

All of the activities are offered by the campsite throughout the year, and are available during the evening (7pm onwards) and at weekends, weather permitting.  Please note all of our Instructors are voluntary so please book activities at least one month before you require them to allow time for instructors to allocated. 

All activities offered comply with Scout Association Activity Rules.  If you are qualified and wish to run any activities, please bring your current appropriate qualification certificate with you for inspection.

Note 1:  All ages stated equate to Scout Association section ages. For Brownies and Guides use their own Association section ages.

Tower Complex


We have constructed a tower with one abseiling face and two climbing faces and a training tunnel for caving. All equipment will be supplied. These will normally be booked as separate activities.


Minimum age of participants: 6 years of age (depending on size of the child).

All campsites Instructors comply with POR and hold the Scout Association Climbing & Abseiling Permit.



Minimum age of participants: 6 years of age (depending on size of the child).

All campsites Instructors comply with P O R and hold the Scout Association Climbing Permit.



Minimum age of participants: 6 years of age.

All campsites Instructors comply with P O R.

Note 2:  Wear suitable clothing for getting wet and muddy, a boiler suit or similar is provided, also a small hand torch is advisable to bring with you.



The purpose built bouldering wall is available for hire to all ages with adult supervision.

Note: Suitable footwear is required.


A number of bows suitable for use by children and adults are available, in a controlled and safe enviroment.

Minimum age of participants: 6 years of age.

All campsites Instructors are qualified to Scout Association POR rules.




Air Rifle Shooting

Our .177 air rifles are used on an indoor range.

Minimum age of participants: 8 years of age.

Note 3: Parental Consent Form required for all under 18 year olds

All campsites Instructors are NSRA Youth Proficiency Scheme Tutors.


Tomahawk throwing

Tomahawk throwing is our newest onsite activity. In this activity you learn to throw Tomahawks and small hawks with our KATTA trained and approved instructors on our purpose built Tomahawk range. 

Minimum age of participants: 10.5 years of age.



You are welcome to bring your own boats and canoes but, if you wish, you can hire our canoes. We have a fleet of 29 kayaks and 6 Open canoes. These are complete with buoyancy aids and paddles. You may request these in advance, but canoeing during the main season is dependent on the availability of qualified instructors.

Note 4: All boats and canoes launched from the Campsite must have a current boat certificate and must be supervised by a person with a current activity permit or equivalent.

Buoyancy aids and plimsolls or similar footwear MUST be worn for all boating activities together with other suitable clothing including a windproof jacket.


The Hamble River, at most times of the tide, is classified 

Scout B1 (tidal).  We recommend that a British Canoe Union (BCU) Level 2 Coach be in charge if paddling the river.  If you have Canoeing/Kayaking Activity Permit of this grade, bring it with you and, subject to agreement by our  staff, you may be able to use our canoes without a campsite instructor.

We have now established a good canoeing base at the Lakeside Country Park, which is near Eastleigh, approximately half a mile north of Junction 5 on the M27. This provides non-tidal facilities on a lake complex where we carry out the majority of our canoeing, which is classified Scout B1.

Note 5: Eastleigh Leisure Services who run Lakeside require that the minimum qualification for supervised canoeing groups using the lakes be BCU Trainee Coach Level 2 status.

For the more adventurous, the camp can be the starting point for many water-borne expeditions.  There is almost 20 miles of continuous B1 (tidal) water around the Solent, but if you go to the Isle of Wight you need B3 (tidal) certification. Our boating staff will be pleased to advise.

It may be possible for BCU 1, 2 and 3 Star assessments to be taken if the current standards have been met, but must be arranged in advance.

Minimum age of participants:

  Kayaks:  8 years of age. Open Canoes: 8 years of age.

All campsites Instructors are members of the BCU Coaching Scheme and hold the appropriate Scout Association Activity Permits.

Note 6:  Participants will require the following for canoeing activities:

  MUST be able to swim 50m and keep afloat for 5 minutes.

  Wear suitable clothing for getting wet and light plimsolls or trainers (not Reebok type).

  If these requirements are not complied with then the person will not be allowed on the water.

 Change of clothes, shoes and a towel.

Note 7: Groups will be required to make own transport arrangements to Lakeside. Directions will be provided.



Cricket Campsite is home to Beacon View Pétanque Club and the court is available to use with a club instructor. 

Pétanque is a sport that falls into the category of boules sports, along 


with raffa, bocce, boule lyonnaise, lawn bowls and crown green bowling. All of these sports share something in common, in that players or teams play their boules/balls towards a target ball.

In Pétanque the objective is to score points by having boules closer to the target than your opponent after all boules have been thrown. This is achieved by projecting boules closer to the target, called a cochonnet, or by hitting the opponents' boules away from the target, while standing inside a circle with both feet on the ground.


Campfire Circle

We have a large campfire circle available with a stage and can seat up to 200 people. Wood is available onsite and only natural wood is allowed to be burnt.