Campsite Rules


Important note: These rules have been made to ensure that this site and visiting groups comply with management safety regulations and Country Park restrictions. It is the responsibility of the Group Leaders to ensure that their Groups and Visitors to groups follow these rules as set out below. Failure to comply may result in Groups being asked to leave the site.


You are also reminded that whilst you are on site a Duty of Care for people in your Group and Visitors to your Group.


On your booking form you will be asked to sign to confirm that you have read, understand, and agree to comply with the rules as laid out below.



•·    All camping and use of the lodge to be carried out in a manner that is acceptable to the Scout Association's Policy, Organisation and Rules and specific guidance. 


•·    There is a strict lights out policy. Lights out at 22:00. Silence on site at 22:50.


•·    All gates, access areas, and paths to the site must be kept clear at all times for site and emergency vehicles use.


•·    Cars to be parked in the car parks provided. A tractor and trailer is available for transporting equipment to your camping pitch, only campsite crew may drive the tractor.


•·    No visiting vehicles etc, are allowed on the camping fields.


•·    No vehicles to be parked or left adjacent to the lodge at any time. The Parking Area sign posted Crew Parking is reserved for Crew and Staff Members only.


•·    Whilst on site, no liability can be accepted for any damage to vehicles however caused unless due to direct negligence of campsite crew or staff.


•·    The following areas are out of bounds to visiting groups:


•1.       All Wooded areas adjacent to the campsite (see campsite map)         

•2.       Park Wardens Work yard

•3.       Surrounding Farmers Fields

•4.       Q.E.2 Activity Centre

•5.       Any re-seeded and replanted areas around the site


•·    There is restricted access to the following areas for visiting groups except when carrying out activities: Archery Range and Climbing Complex


•·    Access gates to the Country Park must be kept locked after opening hours. Users of the Campsite must lock the gates behind them after entering or exiting the Park during these times. The main gate to the County Park is locked after hours, the access code can be obtained from a member of the Campsite Crew. 


•·      No dogs allowed on site or in the Lodge during the duration of visit


•·    Smoking is permitted on site to the rear of Pauline's lodge, near Archery range.


•·  You must supply your own toilet roll. 




Please note:All sites are inspected prior to your arrival and on leaving. Any site deemed to be left in an untidy condition, will incur a cost to clean it up. The Group will be invoiced for this. If you are not happy with the condition of your site on arrival please contact any member of the Service Crew or Staff to discuss this.


•·       Pitch only on your allocated site. (See notice and site layout on the notice board).


•·       No fires except altar fires (which should be at least 500mm off the ground.) One altar fire per site available for use. Or gas stoves to be used on any campsite. Altar fires are to be returned before leaving the site. Spent wood ash to be deposited in the campfire circle or dustbin bags if ash is cool.


•·       The use of axes and knives is only permitted within a properly laid out chopping area on each campsite.


•·       Handsaws may be used on the sites woodpile. The cutting of any Park stock of timber is prohibited.


•·       The use of chainsaws by visiting groups is prohibited.


•·       The use of generators is permitted. As long as they do not disturb other campers and are only used between 08.00 and 22.00 hours.


•·       No pits are to be dug on site. All wastewater is to be filtered through grease traps.


•·       Washing/washing up must not be carried out at any of the campsites watertaps.


•·         Group Leaders are to ensure that campsite water taps are turned off on leaving the site.


•·       The disposal of rubbish to be in the bins provided behind Pauline's Lodge. Group Leaders are to ensure that this rule is strictly adhered to. The bins are only for food waste/day to day waste/mixed recycling/glass and not for camping equipment disposal.


•·       Trolleys are available from near the wood pile for use on site, for the transportation of kit or fire wood. Leaders are to ensure that they are returned immediately after use.


•·       Trolleys are not to be left on site. No riding on any trailers or trolleys.


•·       Pyrotechnics, including fireworks, are prohibited.


•·       Smoking is only permitted in the smoking area at the rear of Pauline's Lodge.



In the event of an emergency or a fire:


•1.       Evacuate building on hearing Fire Alarm.

•2.       Call emergency services.

•3.       Meeting point is under foyer canopy.

•4.       A head count is to be carried out by group leaders.

•5.       Inform campsite personnel.

•6.       Tackle fire if it is personally safe to do so.


Nearest Hospital

Southampton General Hospital, Casualty Department. Tremona Road 023 8077 7222