Training Room and Computer Suite (TRACS)

The Training Room and Computer Suite provides a quality environment at affordable rates to carry out training at The Lodge,


  1. Meeting room suitable for up to 16 people
  2. 4 PCs all Windows 7 operating system
  3. Internet access
  4. Basic programs - Full Microsoft Office 2010 Plus Version
  5. Printer
  6. Internet cafe
  7. Digital projector and screen
  8. Flip chart
  9. Display boards
  10. DVD cinema

User Groups

  1. Scout Training Team
  2. Explorers events
  3. Amateur radio - HAMJAM events
  4. Control room base for overnight events
  5. Corporate training room - for outside organisations
  6. School 'out of the classroom' events
  7. Internet cafe and entertainment centre during camping season


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